Communiqué Concerning the Health of His Eminence Metropolitan Photios of Demetrias

Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece

Holy Synod


Communiqué Concerning the Health of His Eminence

Metropolitan Photios of Demetrias



We hereby notify everyone that, following a successful operation on the left thigh bone which His Eminence, Metropolitan Photios of Demetrias injured in an automobile accident a month ago, undertaken at the General Hospital in Lamia, His Eminence was discharged from the hospital a week ago. He is recuperating in a house in the city of Lamia so that he might receive suitable medical attention and also undergo the physical therapy necessary in view of the condition of his leg.

His health is steadily improving and he is regularly carrying out various tasks pertaining to his ecclesiastical, synodal, and pastoral work through technological means. Thus, he took part in a meeting of our Holy Synod last week by videoconferencing and also, just yesterday, in sessions of a synodal commission responsible for an ecclesiastical matter abroad.

His auspicious and rapid convalescence is due foremost to Divine aid, to the prayers of the faithful, and to good medical care, but also to his display of exemplary patience and endurance, by Divine Grace, amid suffering.

It should be noted that both he and the Holy Synod are providing reliable information about his recovery, which is proceeding without serious complications. Accordingly, we urge the flock of our Church and those interested to pay no heed to various irresponsible or misleading rumors.


From the Chancery of the Holy Synod

Athens, November 11/24, 2020ενημερωση/ἀνακοινώσεις/1713-anakoinosi-peri-tis-ygeias-sev-fotiou

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