An Appeal from the Eparchial Synod for the St. John of Damascus Orthodox Educational Initiative

Beloved Christians,

The Saint John of Damascus Orthodox Educational Initiative serves families in North America, England and Eastern Europe.

This video appeal directed towards the Christians throughout these regions and is over an hour long. The video begins with a very brief introduction by the Headmaster, followed by a sermon by me concerning the challenges that Modernism and Humanism bring to bear against Christians. The sermon features the teachings of Archbishop Andrew of Rockland on the “The Resoration Of The Orthodox Way Of Life.” This is followed by information about the Saint John’s Initiative and the Appeal for the upcoming school year.

Please share the link above with parents who you think will be helped by this information.

Thank you.

In Christ,

+Moses, of Toronto
Hierarchical Overseer of the St John’s Initiative appointed by the Holy Eparchial Synod

Orthodox Awareness

Why Do We Follow the Old Orthodox Calendar?

Why do we follow the Old Orthodox Calendar?

a Because based on it, the First Ecumenical Council established the Paschal Canon and appointed that the feast of Holy Pascha may fall anywhere from March 22nd until April 25th, while with the New (Papal) Calendar it can fall as late at May 8th.

b The Gregorian (Papal) Calendar has been condemned by three Pan-Orthodox Councils under Patriarch Jeremiah Tranos (1583, 1587, 1589) Read more...


Saint John of Kronstadt - Bunnell, Florida

St. John of Kronstadt Orthodox Church began as a mission parish in the year 2000, in a home chapel in Palm Coast, FL – a small town on Florida’s northeast coast located between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. After two years, it became necessary to have services in area community centers, rented for Sundays and other Holy Days. Read more...


2023 Youth Conference

Please join us for the 2023 youth conference in Chicago, IL! To learn more, visit the home page or visit the conference website.

Ask A Priest

Forty Day Memorial Service

Q. Can you please explain the significance of the forty day memorial service? An Evangelical family asked one of our relatives that question. We said that it’s best to ask a clergy member. Thank you in advance for your response. (We will forward it to them as soon as possible).
-P. & M. G.