Repose of a Hierarch


At 9 in the morning, 8-22-2018 (8-9-2018 O.S.), in the Intensive Care Unit of the Peiraiko Hospital of Piraeus, His Eminence Metropolitan Maximos, formerly of Thessalonica and Dimitriados, reposed, after a long-term illness.

The body of His Eminence will be transported today to Thessalonica and the Funeral Service will take place at the Holy Cathedral of the Three Hierarchs of Thessalonica at 10 in the morning tomorrow.

After the conclusion of the Funeral Service, the body will be transported to the Holy Monastery of Panagia Directress of Molos, Lokridos, where the internment will take place, according to the wishes of the departed Hierarch.

His Eminence, Metropolitan Maximos, formerly of Thessalonica and Dimitriados

His Eminence, Metropolitan Maximos, formerly of Thessalonica and Dimitriados (in the world, Spyridon Tsitsibakos, son of Anastasios and Asimina), was born in the year 1933 in Athens. From a young age he was nourished with the instruction of piety through his Godly parents and his spiritual father, the venerable elder Chrysanthon.

In 1950, he became a Novice Monk at the Holy Monastery of “Axion Estin” in Varibombis of Attica, and at this Monastery, once he had completed his education and fulfilled his military duties, he was tonsured a Great-schema Monk.

In 1961 he was ordained Deacon and Presbyter by His Beatitude, Archbishop Akakios, of the G.O.C. Talantiou.

He Served as Rector, beyond the Monastery of the Holy Protection in Keratea, also in the parishes of the Holy Trinity in Votanikos, of the Holy Transfiguration of the Savior in Kypselis, of the Holy Unmercenaries in Nea Erythraia, as well as in the G.O.C. parishes in America of the Holy Unmercenaries in Chicago, and Holy Protection of Boston, etc.

From 1977 until the beginning of 1978 he served as the Elder of the Monastery of the Holy Protection in Kerateas, Attica, and in 1979 he was consecrated Bishop of Magnisia, with Volos as his see. As Metropolitan of Dimitriados and Magnisia, he was only the third hierarch to rule that province since the schism of 1924, after Metropolitans Herman of Dimitriados and Chrysostomos of Magnisia. Metropolitan Maximos oversaw the complete renovation, from the foundations, of the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Theotokos, which is now a jewel in the city of Volos.

In 1995, the Holy Synod of the Church of the G.O.C. appointed him to shepherd the Holy Metropolis of Thessalonica, while in the year 1998, after the Synodal decision to merge the Thessalonica and Dimitriados Metropolises, he canonically took charge of the G.O.C. of West-Central Macedonia and Thessalia under the title of Thessalonica and Dimitriados. In September of 2015, due to very serious health problems and inability to perform his duties, and after a decision reached by the Holy Synod, he was ranked with the retired hierarchs under the title of formerly of Thessalonica and Dimitriados.

He was a struggler, he was a prudent and diligent Hierarch in his Monastic duties and in his shepherding activities, as he cared for his Flock in word and in deed, as a powerful preacher of the holy word, as well as a writer.

He reposed in the Lord at 9 in the morning of the 9th (O.S.) / 22nd (N.S.) of August, 2018.

May his memory be eternal!

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