Feast of Saint Demetrius the Great-Martyr, at the Monastery of Saint John of San Francisco

On Sunday October 26/ November 8, His Eminence Metropolitan Demetrius celebrated the feast of Saint Demetrius the Great-Martyr, at the monastery of Saint John of San Francisco, the Wonderworker.

At the monastery, a special fast is observed, and traditional prefestal hymns of the Saint are chanted, the week preceding the feast. Afterfeast hymns are chanted on the week following.
Many faithful traveled many hours to visit the monastery on this occasion. The atmosphere was very festive; the presence of the saint was very tangible.

His Eminence delivered a powerful sermon in honor of Saint Demetrius which can be viewed in the below video. After the Divine Liturgy, the monastery offered hospitality to the many pilgrims who sat for the trapeza meal. Since there were more people than anticipated, some had to wait to eat.

Following the monastic traditions of Mount Athos, after the "Panagia" service in the refectory, the monastics and pilgrims returned to the Church to complete the service with an ancient canon chanted in honor of Saint Demetrius, followed by "many years" to His Eminence who blessed the faithful.

His Eminence spent the rest of the day speaking with the faithful who patiently waited one by one, (or group by group), outside of his reception area.

We wish "Many years" to our beloved archpastor!

View the feast day gallery on Saint John of San Francisco’s Monastery website: https://www.saintjohnsmonastery.org/feast-of-saint-demetrius-the-great-martyr-2020-gallery/

For more videos, visit our Orthodox Tradition website.

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