Feast of St. Philaret 2020

On Tuesday, October 28/November 10, His Eminence Metropolitan Demetrius of America visited the parish of Saint Philaret the New Confessor in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

The Metropolitan arrived Monday evening for Vespers, after which a light trapeza was served with some time for spiritual talk.

On Tuesday morning the Metropolitan served Matins and a hierarchical Liturgy along with Fr. Michael Marcinowski, Hieromonk Benedict, and Fr. Jacob Wojcik along with an encouraging sermon, with instruction concerning our complete attention during church services, about the importance of confessing our sins and how a person is totally changed by confessing. He quoted examples of the faithful coming to confession in one state and leaving totally transformed into another.

After the liturgy, a festive meal was served and the faithful had time to interact with their hierarch. Metropolitan Demetrius also received an update from Fr. Michael and Fr. Jacob on their church building fund and the progress, problems, and obstacles to be overcome for the future of our community as we move forward. By  God’s help and the prayers of our beloved Metropolitan, and our Holy Hierarch and Confessor Saint Philaret and of all the Saints, we will be able to a more suitable location to be a witness of true traditional Orthodox Christian worship.

Many thanks to our beloved Metropolitan Demetrius for praying with us, and for us, on the holy feast of our Patron Saint, Saint Philaret the New Confessor! O Holy Saint Philaret, pray unto God for us!


Orthodox Awareness

Refutation of an "Encyclical Sermon"

Refutation of an “Encyclical Sermon” by a Hierarch of the New Calendar Orthodox Church of Greece and a Wily Denigrator of Anti-Ecumenists and “Old Calendarists” Who Have Walled Themselves Off From His Church

by His Grace, Bishop Clement of Gardikion, Secretary of the Holy Synod

In Greek

In English


Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Mission, Tucson, Arizona

Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church is a beautiful mission parish near downtown Tucson, a city in southern Arizona. It was started in 1997 by Father John Bockman, who was a missionary Priest formerly serving missions in Tennessee and Massachusetts since 1990. Father John served the faithful in Tucson and the surrounding area in his home Chapel until his repose in November of 2000. His wife, Presbytera Valerie, continued to make her home Chapel available for the mission, with clergy from Saint Nectarios Orthodox Church in Seattle and His Eminence, Metropolitan Moses of Toronto (then of Portland), visiting to provide the Divine Services.


2021 St. Xenia Camp

Greetings St. Xenia Camp family,

As previously announced, through the intercessions of St. Xenia, the prayers of so many of you, and with the blessing of Metropolitan Demetrius, St. Xenia Camp 2021 will return to Forest Acres in Fryeburg, Maine August 15-21! Given the continued impact of COVID-19, camp this year may yet be somewhat different from the past Forest Acres experiences. We are sharing this information ahead of registration so that all families can make an informed decision on whether they feel comfortable sending their camper(s) this year. [Read more...]


Ask A Priest

Why do we Call Angels “Saint”?

Q. I noticed that we call the angels Michael and Gabriel "Saint." I thought the title "Saint" was only given to humans who have proven themselves Godly. Do you mind clarifying this for me? Is there a deeper meaning to "Saint" that I am not aware of?

-S.L.