Photos - Visit of ROCOR Bishops to the Cathedral of Saint Markella in Astoria, NY

Below, please find a picture of Saint John Maximovitch and Bishop Petros of Astoria, as well as bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia mentioned in the caption of the photo, at the Cathedral of Saint Markella, on August 16th, 1963.

The second photo is a scanned image of a letter of thanksgiving to Bishop Petros of Astoria from the ROCOR bishops who visited the Cathedral of Saint Markella on this day in August of 1963. The first signature in this scanned image is that of Saint John Maximovitch, written in Greek.

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Orthodox Awareness

Ecumenical Dialogues Intensified

At the beginning of September (n.s.) Bartholomew called together a “Synaxis of the Patriarchates and the Autocephalous Church of Cyprus" at the Phanar in order to coordinate their efforts for the First Ecumenistic Council which they plan to convene shortly. At it, they will most certainly have to deal with a conflict with the Patriarchate of Moscow concerning primacy, but also they will proclaim the heresy of Ecumenism with an alleged synodal decision of Ecumenical (or rather Ecumenistic) force. Read more...


Saint John of Kronstadt - Bunnell, Florida

St. John of Kronstadt Orthodox Church began as a mission parish in the year 2000, in a home chapel in Palm Coast, FL – a small town on Florida’s northeast coast located between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. After two years, it became necessary to have services in area community centers, rented for Sundays and other Holy Days. Read more...


2023 Youth Conference

Please join us for the 2023 youth conference in Chicago, IL! To learn more, visit the home page or visit the conference website.

Ask A Priest

Morning and Evening Prayers

Q. Are the prayers in the blue prayer book [A Prayerbook for Orthodox Christians by the Holy Transfiguration Monastery —ed.] compulsory for everyone? I mean their morning prayers and the service of Small Compline. My confessor gave me a special rule but wasn’t clear about whether this replaced the book prayers or was in addition to them. Read more...